Susannah Gordon, who now directs tours and outreach, welcomed Wyllis Heaton and 12 SCAPE members to Casa del Herrero Saturday, November 15, for a day packed with painting advice. 

Wyllis started with an early morning demonstration, tackling the view of a pot of white daisies on a ledge, in arched columns, and in front of a patio with tile work, a foundation, and oh, a few windows, door, roof, and a palm. He made it look easy as he edited, composed and drew, then painted the scene, all while talking and answering questions. He started with the most delicate colors; his first stroke was a bold white highlight extending most of the height of the canvas.

After the demonstration, the group wandered around a bit finding spots to paint, then assembled for a slide show and lecture with Wyllis, who had prepared individual packets for each workshop attendee, with his notes on painting, diagrams and references. During the afternoon, Wyllis walked all over Casa del Herrero finding participants in their painting spots, and gave each in-depth advice.

AuthorCyndi Burt