Paintouts occur every second Saturday of the month, unless otherwise noted in the newsletter.

We meet at a location of scenic beauty often chosen in conjunction with an upcoming show. Whether you are experienced with plein air painting, interested in taking photographs or perhaps drawing for use in the studio later, or just want to share being in natural settings with others, it is worth checking out. This year we have enjoyed gathering at Naples with ocean bluffs, agricultural land and mountains; a private organic farm in the San Ynez Valley near Buellton; Lake Carneros; an historic adobe and farm on the Gaviota coast, Arroyo Hondo Preserve; and a hilltop avocado ranch in the foothills.   We like to explore new venues, classic locations, and beautiful sights.  Join Us!

MARCH 10, 2018, 9 am - 12 pm

This will be our second and final paint out for Naples and the Gaviota Coast show to be at the Bacara March 30-31.  There are beautiful views of the coastline to the North and South close to the parking area.
Reminder:  Please be sure to sign the liability waiver which will be on a silver Toyota SUV at the parking area.
Directions:  Arroyo Quemada Lane (AQL) is about 20 miles north on 101 from the Rt. 154 intersection.  It is 2 miles north of the Refugio State Beach exit and just beyond Tajiguas Creek.  It is on the ocean side of 101 and requires a LEFT turn from the north bound lane, stopping and then crossing the south bound lane, onto AQL.  Continue to the end of the lane which is a remnant of the old Rt 1.  Parking is at the end of the lane.
If you do not want to make a left turn crossing the south bound traffic lane, then you may continue north on 101 for 5 miles to the Mariposa Exit.  Exit and then re-enter 101 on the south bound lane to return to AQL.  Arroyo Quemada Lane will now be a right turn just after a ‘narrow bridge’, a call box and then a road crossing sign.   There will be a clipboard to sign in on Fil’s car.

Jerry Martin • 886-5616 •
Filiberto Lomelli • 570-4690 •


There are certain paint-outs that require a reservation as they are being held on private land or lands managed by one of our beneficiaries such as EDC: Coal Oil Point, Sedgwick, Salt Marsh.
April 12th we painted at Sedgwick Preserve, managed by UCSB and in order for SCAPE to paint there an application was completed and permission granted. Pre-reservations were not required; however painters were required to sign in. Kate McCurdy was a most gracious hostess and the 11 of us who painted there that day had a great experience as Duke’s Ranch House was opened to us and we were able to explore the ranch.

Sedgwick is only open to painters upon completion of the permit and acceptance of the application. The disclaimer for both the owner or administrator of a site (in this case, UCSB) and SCAPE is an agreement to sign a release by the administrator or owner of the Paint Out site to hold it and SCAPE harmless from any liability by reasons of artist(s) painting on the site. In order for SCAPE to continue to be able to paint at Sedgwick and enjoy our association with them, please do not go to Sedgwick Ranch on your own. This is also true of Santa Ines Mission Mills property. They love painters but there is too much liability for them.

One of the great perks of being in S.C.A.P.E. is having monthly collegial paint outs with like minded nice people.  If you haven’t been to one you will be hooked once you do!  It is always fun to paint in new and interesting locations of urban-scapes, landscapes and seascapes.  As a member if you have access or live in a spot that offers an enticing view and would accommodate around a dozen painters to set up please contact Filiberto Lomeli or Jerry Martin.  We would all much appreciate new ideas and new locations.